ACHeck21-Cell-PhoneConvert any DSTU compliant X9 file to any known or unknown X9 file form.

St. Charles, MO, August 12, 2015– ACHeck21 now transforms any DSTU compliant X9 file to any known or unknown X9 file format “on the planet without any programming using the ACHeck21 ICL library and some very innovative software intelligence” according to Bret Hillbun, Vice President and Chief Software Architect at DCS Holdings Group, LLC the owner of the ACHeck21 brand. “This means our support staff, banks and licensees can easily convert incoming ICL to match the requirements of any other ICL format without programming or delay” explained Mr. Hillbun. ACHeck21 already sends files to numerous bank operating systems as well as the US Federal Reserve. In the past the process of converting the DSTU standard X9 format to match each banks requirements has been time consuming and fraught with trial and error. Enter our brilliant IT staff and voila an intelligent ICL transformation system. Now our technical support team can integrate to almost any bank by simply changing fields to meet the receiving banks requirements creating an automated workload environment and increasing bank integration efficiency by 10 times. Just another example of immediate ROI provided by ACHeck21.

ACHeck21 is an intelligent private financial cloud that combines ACH (Automatic Clearing House) and Check21 along with ancillary services and features into a single hosted work flow. It provides a fast, efficient, and convenient way to convert ACH and checks into electronic transactions without installed equipment or software. ACHeck21 software is designed for any user, organization or business to quickly and accurately make electronic deposits from point of sale, the internet, mobile devices, laptops, desktops or scanners. In addition ACHeck21 can capture and incorporate data from transactions into most accounting systems, including Intuit Quickbooks®. The ACHeck21 cloud interacts with and incorporates other services such as verification, account validation, watch list, duplicate detection and fraud detection. ACHeck21 represents an advanced, robust and comprehensive solution for any individual, group or company that wants the convenience and security of accurate ACH and check processing on the banking rails. The technology is extremely versatile; allowing customers to easily scan checks, make deposits, update accounts receivable systems, manage returns and archive checks and data. Additionally, the ACHeck21 user interface is extremely easy to use, eliminating the need for organizations to train staff on a new complicated system.
“We are very pleased to be able to continually offer new services.” said Sam Ackley, CEO of Diversified Check Solutions. “With ACHeck21, any customer can save time and money with immediate ROI to make ACH and check payments and deposits to any U.S. bank. At Diversified, we have developed solutions that manage every step of the process – from acceptance, to verification and validation, to converting them into digital financial instruments to making bank deposits, to integrating all of that into an accounting system, to checking the entire process for compliance, duplicates and fraud,” Ackley said. “ACHeck21 customers use our technology to gain access to their funds more rapidly, plus they have more tools for managing and maximizing the efficiency of their business.”
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