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The Future of Payment Processing? Our FinTech Cloud API (aka an ACH API)

Today the majority of payments are completed using credit cards, which eats away up to 1.5-5+% of gross sales. On the other hand, electronic debits and credits on bank accounts can use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, which is processed through nearly all banks, and typically for a very small transaction fee ($0.10-$0.30 with [...]

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Financial Services and Fintech Companies Like ACHeck21 Are on The Rise

Financial services incumbents in Fintech are competing with each other as well as early-stage startups and big technology companies. Big groups like remittance technology, blockchain, wealth management, and insurance technologies are leading thew way. It's still not clear however, if this presents more of an opportunity or a challenge for business incumbents, but recognized financial [...]

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What is the future of Fintech?

The rise of Chinese Fintech startups, from one last year to seven more recently, is remarkable and so is the relative authority of the UK, whose businesses make up almost a fifth of the world-wide list. But what can we take from the Top 100, and what consequences does this (Brexit aside) have for the [...]

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What’s Happening in the World Of NACHA and ACH?

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) is a not for profit trade association that develops operating rules and business practices for the national network of automated clearing houses (ACHs) and for other regions of electronic payments. NACHA manages the development, management, and governing of the ACH Network and is the countrywide association responsible for [...]

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How Fintech Is Changing Business

Fintech is changing the face of business. Are you ready? Meet Fintech, 2016’s darling of the startup world: a fresh breed of business developed within the fire and inventiveness of Silicon Valley, with the financial understanding and banking focus of Wall Street. Fintech, a combination of the phrases “fiscal technology" is the largest [...]

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What is Fintech and why is it so important?

Financial technology, also called Fintech, is a line of business based on using software to provide financial services. Monetary technology businesses are generally startups founded with the purpose of disturbing traditional corporations and incumbent monetary systems that rely less on applications. ‘Fintech’ is the newest lingo being banded about in technology groups and tossed about [...]

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Its ACH and Check21 two common formats, so why put them in a “FinTech Cloud”?

It's more efficient and effective....the two precursors to productivity. Improved productivity equals improved profits. Underlying the word "FinTech Cloud" is a new way of doing things in a highly scalable cloud environment. A cloud is accessible through the internet. Cloud servers do not depend on centrally-installed software or hardware and are stable, secure and inexpensive [...]

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Game Changing Innovation, Payments and Banking

If you are a startup…don’t leave yourself stranded without a processing bank. On a regular basis we are contacted by entrepreneurs with game changing ideas. They are creative, driven individuals focused on an opportunity. Their “app” will change the world. They contact us because their app relies on low costs payments. Their vision requires customers [...]

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Let ACHeck21 be your Guide to High Risk ACH

High Risk ACH. Falling into this category doesn't mean it's the end. There are options. Because of the network of processing and banking partners we've built throughout the years, combined with our state of the art risk management system, we are able to set up connections and bank integrations for merchants deemed "high risk". Accepting [...]

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Check Adjustments Webinar

Learn More about check adjustments through the Principles and Concepts of Image Cash Letters and Electronic Check Adjustments webinar. Click the link below to view the .pdf offered by Federal Reserve Financial Services. The dates of the webinar are: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Thursday, April 7, 2016 Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Thursday, June 9, 2016 [...]

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