Fintech is a growing industry with an extensive ecosystem. Organizations require a variety of technology and services to manage payments. ACHeck21 is proud to partner with the following firms.


We leverage a2ia CheckReader™ for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in our ACHeck21 Micro and Premiere check scanning applications.

Digital Check

SecureLink partnered with Digital Check. Tiny box, has Wi-Fi or Ethernet & USB – plug in scanner & it just works. Micro can talk to it using JavaScript

Connexus Secure

ACHeck21 partnered with Connexus Secure, a provider of real-time payment verification, to streamline payment processing, minimize fraud, and protect customers’ revenue.

Connexus Secure is a one-click secure real-time solution that captures and validates key banking information required to conduct frictionless ACH or Check payments. This strategic alliance combines the powerful functionality of both firms’ offerings, significantly reducing chargebacks and fraud to protect customers’ revenue.

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