The FinTech Cloud that eliminates the complexity, uncertainty and friction of Check21 and ACH payments. Our cloud not only offers hosted ACH and Check21 services but also provides compliance, verification, duplicate detection, document archival and more in the same hosted workflow. A single integration to ACHeck21 FinTech Cloud provides a low costs, quick, secure and easily accessible platform for the exchange of value whether at point of sale, back office, internet or over the phone. ACHeck21 clears files through any bank or credit union and the Federal Reserve. Access to the cloud is easy: integrate using our API, deliver batch files via SFTP or use one of our free remittance or RDC products.

Developer? Take me to how it works!

Examples of what our FinTech Cloud allows users to do:

  • Obtain 99% read rates on MICR information
  • Detect and avoid duplicates
  • Verify account information
  • Prepare compliant check images for exchange and RDC for any bank
  • Create specialized output files
  • Perform CAR/LAR/OCR functions as part of the work flow
  • Create conforming check image cash letter files (ICLX9.37) and ACH files
  • Capture and append documents

How Does ACHeck21 Work from A Developer’s Perspective?

The above illustration shows the major workflow features of the ACHeck21 FinTech cloud, moving from stages 1 – 3 with the ancillary (2a.) features running throughout the process.

Stage 1.) Documents, including checks, stubs, or other records are entered into the system through our API or a “front end” (yours or ours).

Stage 2a.) This is where the magic happens. The ACHeck21 FinTech cloud uses your unique requirements to capture and process ACH and Check21 payments as well as other services

Stage 2b.) This is what a FinTech Cloud is all about…..Doing More. All the extra services you need to process ACH or Check21 are available in the cloud and accessible based on your business needs

Stage 3.) The ACHeck21 system prepares and creates the correct file types for scheduled delivery to the correct destination – or destinations and we don’t just mean banks, credit unions or the Federal reserve. Think out of the box: CRM’s, Office Management Systems, In house data bases, billing systems etc

Installation of ACHeck21 capabilities is simple. Whether integrating through a single API—the proprietary FinTech Cloud–or through existing front-ends, ACHeck21 clients are up and running in no time. No heavyweight software installs, no additional capital expense for hardware or infrastructure, and no risky conversion projects. User access administration is also easy. A single integrated dashboard allows administrators to grant end-user access and privileges to all available features and functions of ACHeck21 for multiple user types and service locations.

With a vision to eliminate the complexity, uncertainty, and friction of managing diverse digital
transaction flows, ACHeck21 is installed in over 200 utilities, lockbox operations, municipalities,
government organizations, point-of-sale providers, non-profits, and many other business

  • One integration to many services
  • No software to install
  • No expensive hardware
  • No programming required
  • No maintenance
  • Set up and installation is intuitive
  • Fully documented API
  • Eliminates dependency on legacy processing techniques
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