You may have noticed a few changes recently here at For one, we have a new website with a more streamlined navigation system and a sleeker, cleaner look. That newer look isn’t just for show though, as ACHeck21, the ACH and Check21 processing software that has revolutionized the “art” of intelligent routing, is changing as well.

We’ve also recently provided a visual look into the intuitiveness of our payment gateway, known around here as the Global Gateway, with one of our new Youtube videos that covers some of its basic features. Another video which highlights the simple yet diverse nature of our remittance program Premiere will be released soon as well.

It’s all business as usual here at DCS Holdings, the parent company which controls the ACHeck21 technology, but at the same time, we’re changing the game and looking toward the future. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, blog, and Twitter accounts in the upcoming weeks as we roll out more content and updates about the upcoming changes.


Thanks for your business and we look forward to keeping you up to date on the payments revolution!