ach apiEven though there’s been huge advancement in the realm of plug-and-play on-line credit card payments suppliers for web developers (see: Stripe, [now PayPal], Braintree, and, of course, there’s many others), not to mention the intro of some sweet alternative payments platforms (e.g. Dwolla), it is shockingly difficult to find a robust API-based solution for taking ACH payments online–and apparently, according to many readers, this has been the case for a while. Until now!

ACHeck21 is the answer. ACHeck21 allows you to process both ACH and Check21 on THE SAME PLATFORM and in the SAME WORKFLOW! It has a fully documented API(s) to support all your ACH, Check21, Verification, returns management, billing, and reporting needs.

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows one to produce a seamless interface between your company and ours — connect your business’s proprietary interface directly to our payment gateway and process payments while keeping your existing sales process in place.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about how and why this process exists in the first place. ACH (Automated Clearing House), also sometimes called “eChecks” or “electronic bank transfers”, is an old school framework for inter-bank money transfer, regulated by NACHA.

Who’s using our ACH API?

-Companies that need seamless payment integration using their current company system (ie, existing frontend).
-Merchants who want to empower customer pioneered payments from within their particular applications or web site.
-Companies that require custom features not available from your run-of-the-mill ACH processors.

And what is one of the greatest “pros” of the ACHeck21 ACH API? It is low-cost (per transaction costs can average under $.10 per transaction), it is scalable (it’s usually charged per-trade, much less a percent of the transaction amount), and it’s fairly common and so not “chilling” to customers.

Click here to get started with the ACHeck21 API today and move your business into overdrive!